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Dr jameel alqudsi dweik group

God honored me to study medicine at the University of Aleppo in Syria. After graduation, I continued two years majoring in internal medicine. I launched a great research project majoring in the foundations of nutritional sciences in the Qur'an (Balanced Nutritional System ), parts of this research was published in several books, discussing and researching in the conceptions of ""balance"" that God set in laws ruling the heavens, the earth and the universe. These laws are in a full harmony with the laws of human body and its functions. One aspect of this research project is to figure out the nutriotional diets that mentioned in Holy Quran, and to make a statical study for the quality and quantity of their nutritional values.The methodology of this project includes applying dosing diets with specific quantities and qualities of these nutritions for therapeutic and preventative cases. This requires considering the time and redunduncy for dosing these types of diets in respect to prayers times, and the activity of human body. Several results and parts of this research project were shared in international conferences. It was introduced as Novel foundations for new science. One of the most important conferences that I contributed in was the conference Quran Therapy between medicine and religion, as well as the conference of Aging, the first arabic conference in alternative medicine. Since this project aims at helping thousands of people, it should be served at the highest level. Therefore, we established (by the help of God) Dr. Jamil Alqudsi foundation , that includes four companies and two pioneer plants for manufacturing essential herbal extract preserved in vergin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Considering in our productions many aspects and concepts that we understood about olive oil and vinegar from Holy Quran. Vinegar was mentioned in Quran text as a synonyme to the word ""sugar "" in the verse of Sura An-Nahl :""And from the fruits of the palm trees and grapevines you take intoxicant and good provision. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who reason."" , while herbs were mentioned in Quran texts as a synonym ""Basil"", which refers to each herb or plant that has a pleasant odour. These include our known herbal products such as : chamomile, rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage and other products. We did our best to keep the best level of quality in the manufacture process according to the GMP guidelines. Because we have to introduce our products to the market in a highest level of quality as well. We did the best efforts that both our manufacture process and products are certified by the american FDA,also they have been licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Health as well as the ministries of health in the countries to which we export, such as: Algeria, Oman and the United Arab Emirates and soon, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. The two plants are certified accroding to ISO 22000, which is one of the highest standards applied in food safety. This prompted us to work hardly and study more in management science in order to manage the manufacture process perfectly In order to introduce this novel concept to all humanity, and to spot a light on this innovative model of therapy, and to illustrate our theory and methodology to our public, and to speak to all minds of our public , and in order to explain our novel theory in keeping the balance of all chemical elements in our healthy bodies, we have to utilize the best zeitgeist tool, that is ""THE MEDIA"" Therefore, I enrolled in a course to learn filmmaking and film editing, and I successfully graduated with excellenct grade from Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Furthermore, I enrolled in a programm of International Labour Organization majoring the management sciences , in the field of strategic plan, strategic marketing, Human Resource Management, and Project management to be certified later in these fields from the institute of METHOD. All of these advanced steps, beside the advanced training courses, were to us essential challenge to reach the excellency level for our image. Because we care about introducing a high quality of products, processes, and services to our customers and patients from all over the world. All of these achievments were not to be successful without God the almighty, to him we say our gratitude, and to him we are still thankful. We hope that this project will be a good deed to us and can be added to our credit at the domes day. We ask Allah to make us from those who have glowing, white and proud faces on the day where a lot of faces would be black and regretful. God grants each success. sincerely yours, Dr. Jamil Alqudsi.

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