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Wheat Grass & Weight loss

Wheat Grass & Weight loss

Wheat Grass & Weight loss

Active role of wheat grass immersed in olive oil and apple cider vinegar in appetite control and weight loss.

Do you feel hungry all the time and you cannot control your appetite? Do you have a desire to eat at any time? Do you feel that you have a weak will in front of delicious foods? Does the excess in your weight tired you? And you could not get reduce your weight through of your efforts and trials?

The oily extract of wheat grass in virgin native olive oil, and the aqueous extract of wheat grass in apple cider vinegar help you to overcome these complaints.

Wheat grass is a transition state between the growth phases from a grain to a spike. Upon the seed germination and growth till 10-20 cm long the sprout is known as Wheat grass. The harvest of wheat grass is often done before the wheat plant turn into brown and before the grains growth in the spikes. That means the grass is harvested when it is green.

Experiments and studies proved that wheat grass is one of the best diets and the richest in healthy benefits to human and animal as well. It is characterized with a double concentrated quantity of elements. One tablespoon of wheat grass contains more quantity of elements and natural product than the content of a tablespoon from wheat grain. This makes sense due to the following verse of Holy Quran.

The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which sprouts into seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. Al-Baqarah (261)

The most important characteristic of wheat grass among its multi-beneficial and multi-talent properties that it plays a key role in inhibiting the feeling of hunger. The feeling of hunger enhances the desire to eat and consequently enhances the obesity. A study that was published in 2016 in World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences proved the wheat grass is rich in metabolism-activating elements and enzymes. This makes it an active element in burning the stored fats in the body. The stored fats are coming from eating carbohydrate-rich and fats-rich diets. The excessive amounts of fats are stored as triglycerides in the body leading to obesity and weight excess (Sharma, 2016)

Moreover, wheat grass contains 10 calories in each teaspoon, so it provides the body with the needed energy for biological interactions. In addition to that wheat grass is free of fats and cholesterol derivatives, and that makes it a unique grass in helping the process of weight loss.

In experimental study that was conducted on mice in 2015, and published in the Journal of Bio-science, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, it was proved that the aqueous extract of wheat grass has significant effects in reducing the weight, the total cholesterol level in blood, the total fatty acids and triglycerides, and in preventing them all to accumulate in the liver and fat tissues. (Im et al., 2015) 

Since we believe in our balanced nutritional system, that a single-substance therapy is not efficient, due to the fact of synergism that we discovered in the holy Quran, where all texts and verses mention food and drinks in plural and synergy and not as individuals. Since the mechanisms of our chronic diseases are variable, it should be a variety of compounds, diets and mechanisms that counter act the mechanisms of diseases. Therefore, we see that the Holy Quran texts does not mention individual diets, rather it mentions them as groups, and this is in full agreement with the principle of medical synergism. Then, why we should add the herbal extract into both olive oil and apple cider vinegar? What are the secrets of Quran that stand behind that? Click on the following link !   

Based on our expertise and experiences that we acquired through applying the synergistic principle of Quran, we recommend using the extracts of wheatgrass in both virgin native olive oil and in apple cider vinegar in order to get better results in weight loss. 

Both linoleic acid and linolenic acid exist in olive oil. They are essential fatty acids, because they cannot be produced in human body. Both fatty acids work on the energy generation-units in the cells (Mitochondria). Consequently, they increase the activity of the electron transport chain in mitochondria, leading to enhancement of energy production inside the cell. Consequently the rate of metabolism will increase. The rule states that the increase of metabolism rate will lead to generate the energy from burning fats in a rate more than it does from burning carbohydrates. From here, we understand that olive oil is an agent for burning fats in human body, though it belongs to fatty acids. A clinical study (Kondo 2010)  proved the significant rule of apple cider vinegar in reducing the values of weight, body-mass-index (BMI), and waist circumference. In addition to reducing the triglycerides level in the blood, and this mode of action is due to the rule of apple cider vinegar in increasing the rate of metabolism (Burning of sugars and fats).

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