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Health factors in colostrum.

Health factors in colostrum.

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1 Abstract Title Health factors in colostrum.

2 Abstract Source The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 72, 579-581.

3 Abstract Author(s) Thapa, B. R.

4 Article Affiliation Division of Pediatric Gastroentrology, Department of Gastroenterology PGIMER Chandigarh.

5 Abstract Colostrum is a breast milk produced after the birth of the newborn and lasts for 2–4 days. Colostrum is very important part of breast milk and lays down the immune system and confers growth factors and other protective factors for the young ones in mammals. This is the source of passive immunity achieved by the mother and is transferred to the baby. This is the major source of secretory IgA and gives protection against gastrointestinal infections. In view of so many health factory through colostrum, the use of colostrum has been extended to so many health problems of mankind. Human and bovine colostrums have many similarities barring that bovine colostrum can be obtained in large quantity, so bovine colostrum has been used in various disorders in human beings. This is the nature’s gift that is for the young ones to grow as well as for the treatment of many health problems in older age group.

6 Summary Colostrum contains IGF-1 growth factor. IGF-1 is known to stimulate the repair and growth of DNA and RNA making it most powerfull anti aging substance.IGF-1 also increasing bone density, muscle tone, skin elasticity and repair of DNA and RNA.

7 Article Published Date 10-07-2005.

8 Study Type Special Article.

9 Substances Colostrum.

10 Diseases Aging.

11 Pharmacological Actions Antiaging.

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